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What is T/C-Buddy?
T/C Buddy is a personal protection system that provides professional assistance at the touch of a button anywhere on the island. There are no telephone numbers to look up and no time is wasted trying to dial a phone number.

How does T/C-Buddy work?
When the SOS button is pressed the device calls our 24/7-monitoring-station. Digital information and GPS location are automatically sent to the operator standing by to assist you in your moment of need.
Who can benefit from the T/C-Buddy?
Business owners or employees, who wish to protect themselves against assaults, the elderly, children, and people with special needs.

How is the T/C-Buddy different from other personal emergency alert and response systems?
Unlike other panic systems that limit the user to the location of a base station connected to a phone line, the T/C-Buddy frees the user from phone lines and base stations. It works like a cellphone and works anywhere where there is GSM signal.

Can I talk with the operator?
Yes! After an emergency call is placed, the operator can talk to you through the T/C-Buddy's built-in speaker/microphone. The operator can check on your condition and relay that information to the concerned parties.

Who We Are
Security Group is the first security company to offer guard services and also the first to implement central alarm monitoring services on the island of Curacao. Security Group has been providing both homes and businesses peace of mind since 1975.
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